When I’m not at home, acrylic on canvas, 81 x 65 cm, 2022


My work is about the color and how it behaves on the surface. I am interested in the thought and everything that happens inside the human mind.

I need to get out of my head, acrylic on canvas, 81 x 65 cm, 2022

There is always light at the end of the tunnel,

acrylic on canvas, 73 x 60 cm, 2022

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STUDIOS (After-thoguths)

Starting from my own thinking and experiences, I question how the human being evolves from what has happened to it.

Where are all those experiences in our body?
Do we hide them?
Does our thought evolve depends on the experiences we have lived?

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I have found a way to show my trips and places that I visit annually through color.

Receive each month an original artwork inspired by a city and its colors.

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