Nuria González Alcaide (1995). Barcelona, Spain. Lives and works in Singapore. Visual abstract artist.

She completed one semester of the Foundation Program in Studio Art at Metàfora Studio Arts Program (Barcelona) and has carried on online courses taught by MoMa (EEUU) and the FotoCreativaBA Artists Program “FotoComBA” (Argentina). Master in Graphic Design by ESDESIGN (Barcelona).

She has participated in collective exhibitions in Barcelona, Madrid, Cádiz, Rome and London, of which the Fondazione Amedeo Modigliani, Uxval Gochez Gallery and Monat Gallery stand out. She has exhibited virtually in Buenos Aires, Jakarta and Berlin, among others. Nuria has been published by Al-Tiba 9 Contemporary Art in their book A Like Artist, and by Art Reveal Magazine. She has done online art residencies with Mango (Argentina), WOC (Bulgaria) and i.e. Arts Projects (UAE). She also participated in art fairs with Artist 360 (Madrid), Art3F (Monaco) and The Other Art Fair Virtual Edition (by Saatchi Art).

She is currently represented by Al-Tiba 9 Contemporary Art gallery on the Artsy platform.


I explore thought through color. I am interested in human thought and how it modifies its body throughout its existence. I believe that thought is constantly evolving, which is why my idea of thought is also changing. The human being accumulates thought, in the same way that I add layers of color on paper.

My work is about the color and how it behaves on the surface. I find inspiration in the color itself and in the landscape that surrounds me. I extract color palettes from what my eyes see and believe that color has all the power to convey what we want.

I paint intuitively until I find the connection with the surface. That moment is key to start shaping the work. The titles are thoughts that I have had at some point when I paint. That is why my work deals with thought because I turn mine onto the canvas.

I paint because words are not enough to express myself, and it is the way to connect with the outside world.

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