Reflecting on my journey as a human, I realized I have ventured into numerous countries, absorbing the culture and colors of each one.

2022 - Present

El inconsciente consciente

Starting to name the artworks with my daily thoughts and defining more the final shapes, is how this new series of work starts.

2022 - Present

After thoughts (Studios)

In this collection I explore the thought, where it goes, and where it comes from. Starting from my own thinking and experiences, I question how the human being evolves from what has happened to it.


Color Bouquet

Works made during the artist residency with WOC (Bulgaria, Sofia).

2021 - 2023

A state of mind

With this collection I began to question how the observer experienced my work.

2021 - 2022

Vestigios atemporales

This project talks about society, and how it influences the internal development of the human being. We tend to look outside, instead of investigating each other and being honest with what one wants. We go fast, we don’t pay attention.

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